3D Insert

3D InsertTM is a series of 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture well inserts that are designed to use with your commonly used  multi-well cell culture plates.

Just some of the benefits of 3D InsertTM

1. 100% open porosity
The pores of the products are 100% open and interconnected, making it easy for cells to be seeded through out the porous scaffolds and the nutrient and cell metabolism waste to be exchanged.

2. Well defined pore size and porous structure
3D Biotek’s precision microfabrication technology produces well-defined porous structure and ensures the reproducibility of the porous structure from batch to batch.

3. Organic solvent free
Cytotoxic organic solvents, such as chloroform and methylene chloride, are often used in fabricating PCL scaffold. 3D Biotek’s precision micro-fabrication technology is a solvent free manufacturing process.  Therefore, the PCL 3D InsertTM is free of organic solvent.

4. Compatible with most 2D cell culture protocols, including trypsin digestion protocol
Cells cultured in non-degradable scaffolds can be assayed using most 2D cell culture assay protocols. Cultured cells can be easily harvested using the same trypsin digestion protocol as in the 2D cell culture.

5. Improved cell culture efficiency
3D InsertTM has increased surface areas as compared to 2D cell culture plates. As a result, more cells can be cultured using the same size cell culture dish/plates/flasks/bioreactors.

6. Easy separation of cytokines and growth factors secreted by cultured cells
Unlike collagen gel and other gel matrix, 3D InsertTM will not absorb cytokines and growth factors. Therefore, cytokines and growth factors secreted by the cultured cells can easily be separated or recovered from culture medium without going through extra separation steps.

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